Prince takes a spin for Formula E

Photo: Diegogarciam1
Photo: Diegogarciam1

Prince Albert has given Formula E a boost by taking a short spin in a Venturi car at the Palace.

“It’s a formula which can show that performance can be associated with electric vehicles, and you can get a lot of satisfaction from driving an electric car,” Prince Albert said.

“This helps to get the message out there to promote Formula E, but also clean mobility, to make people aware that this is a promising solution,” he added.

Venturi is one of ten teams participating in the 2016/17 season, which starts on the streets of Hong Kong on October 9.

Other teams are Renault e.dams, DS Virgin, Jaguar, Audi Abt, Mahindra of India, China’s Techeetach (China) amd Andretti of the USA.

Monaco plays host to a Formula E on May 13, two weeks before the Formula One Grand Prix. The championship also visits Paris, Montreal and New York before finishing its 2017 season in July.