Prince present for first installation of photovoltaic panels

Photo: Axel Bastello/Palais Princier
Photo: Axel Bastello/Palais Princier

In the presence of Prince Albert, the first installation of photovoltaic panels on a residential building, on boulevard d’Italie, took place on Thursday, November 30. This follows the launch of the Solar Plan (Cadastre Solaire) by the Mission for Energy Transition in June 2017. As part of the SunE offer, SMEG has equipped 20 percent of the total area of the roof, consisting of about 110 square metres, of solar panels.

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban  Development, said: “We must welcome the commitment of the owners and trustees of this building, which, through this approach, actively contribute to the energy transition of our country. This is an initiative that I encourage to follow, given the great potential of sunny roofs in the Principality.”

To encourage the use of solar panels, the Government of Monaco in 2014 implemented an incentive financial measure with a feed-in tariff of the electricity produced fixed at €360/ MWh for systems on roofs areas not integrated with the structure, and €530/MWh for integrated systems. The subsidy for the production of photovoltaic energy is guaranteed for 15 years.

Several projects have already been implemented, including one at the Grimaldi Forum, which will see the installation of more than 2,400 square metres of solar panels.

The Solar Plan site allows each roof to be identified, the potential of sunshine, the exploitable surface for the installation of solar panels and the annual energy output. The tool offers homeowners, trustees and individuals an opportunity to quickly visualise data for the deployment of solar panels on the roof of their building.

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