Prince praises stewardship of AS Monaco

Dmitry Rybolovlev Photo: Francknataf

The Sovereign Prince has spoken very positively about Dmitry Rybolovlev, President of AS Monaco, saying in an interview in local French-language daily Nice-Matin published on Tuesday, May 29, that he is often consulted on important issues.

Prince Albert in particular thanked Mr Rybolovlev for “his management of the club”. He said that the 2017/2018 season had ended with positive results.

“They are very good. I want to thank Mr Rybolovlev for his management of AS Monaco. Vadim Vasilyev oversees the day-to-day administration of the club very well and ensures it is run smoothly. I appreciate being consulted about important decisions. We haven’t yet touched on the issue of this close season.

“I would like us to maintain the objective of finishing in the top three in the league. It’s very important for getting into Europe. I would also like to see us win a national cup and have a better run in the Champions League. Overall, this season was positive. AS Monaco achieved the objective set, which was to finish in the top three places in the French league and qualify for the Champions League,” he told the newspaper in comments that were also published on the AS Monaco website.

The Prince continued: “For the club, it’s important to think about financial stewardship, securing income when television rights, merchandising and ticket sales are not enough to fill the coffers (…) When a player wants to leave, it’s difficult to hold on to him. So I can’t criticise that policy, especially given that it is currently working out well for us. Monaco is successfully bringing through young talents, now we need to hold on to them for a while.”


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