Prince Pierre Foundation chooses authors over dinner in Paris

Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC
Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC

The Literary Council of the Prince Pierre Foundation of Monaco met at the restaurant La Dame de Pic in Paris to establish the list of authors in the running for the Literary Prize, which honours a renowned French writer for all of his artwork.

The jury selected René De Ceccatty, Annie Ernaux, Linda Lê Tobie Nathan, and Maurizio Serra.

Also selected for the Bourse de la Découverte, a prize awarded to a French author for a first fiction book, was Adeline Baldacchino for One Who Said No (Editions Fayard); Violaine Huisman for Fugitive for Queen (Editions Gallimard); Sébastien Ministru for Learning to Read (Editions Grasset); Bruno Pellegrino for There, August is a Month of Autumn (Editions Zoé); and Agnès Riva for Geography of an Adulterer (Editions L’arbalète/Gallimard).

All of these books will be part of the Reading Marathon, which will start on Wednesday, June 20, at the Monaco Media Library. The Literary Prize and the Discovery Grant will be announced on Thursday, October 4, in Monaco.


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