Prince flags start for nocturnal stage of electric car rally

Photo: ACM
Prince Albert with Mayor George Marsen and Jaques Pastor. Photo: ACM

At 9 pm on Saturday, Prince Albert waved the start of the first car for the final stage of the 2nd Monte-Carlo eRallye, the nocturnal Turini leg which covers Sospel-Peïra-Cava and Peïra-Cava-Sospel.

The three-stage event is open only to 100 percent electric vehicles – hydrogenated or hybrid electric/hydrogen vehicles with 4 wheels, without the use of extension cables – registered for road use and with 2 to 5 passengers.

After leaving from the seventeenth-century chateau in Fontainebleau on Wednesday, October 25 at 2 pm and covering some 1,000 km, French team Didier Malga and Anne Valérie Bonnel won the rally in their electric Tesla S with 43 points.

It was a French podium all around, as Piotr Moson and Jérémie Delran took second with 54 points in an electric BMW I3 and Frédéric Mlynarczyck and Christophe Marques, with 57 points, placing third in a hydrogen fuel Toyota Mirai.

Mayor Georges Marsan and Jacques Pastor, Deputy Mayor-Responsible for Sports and Recreation, are the highest placing Monaco team, coming in sixteenth overall in a Toyota Mirai, made available to them by the Atomic Energy Commission.

Serge Pastor and Christophe Ponset, who came second overall in the 2016 Monte Carlo eRally, placed eighth this year in a Volkswagen eGolf, on loan from Volkswagen Auto Koncept Monaco.

Marjorie Crovetto Harroch, Deputy Mayor-Responsible for Life, Environment and Sustainable Development, and André J. Campana, Deputy Mayor-Responsible for the Exotic Garden, came in 26th, driving a Renault Zoé from the Renault dealership in Nice.

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