Prince Albert’s explorations on show for the public

A small island in the South Pacific was the focus of HSH Prince Albert II’s latest foray into a tradition held dear by his great-grandfather and namesake, Prince Albert I.


Prince Albert I’s love of the sea is well documented, and this affection has been passed down to his great-grandson. HSH Prince Albert II has relaunched the Explorations of Monaco, first started by Albert I during his reign, and formed originally in an effort to bring researchers together from around the globe to provide solid proof supporting his awareness and educational efforts.

A scientific research vessel, the Yersin, is on a 36-month trip circumnavigating the world, making stops to pick up and drop off scientists and collecting data.

One of these stops was on a tiny island of Badu, nestled between Papua-New Guinea and Australia in the Torres Straits. Prince Albert joined the party here and found himself quite at home with the local culture, who adhere to his own personal philosophy on respecting nature and the environment.

A series of photographs documented this momentous trip, and they are now on exhibit at the Oceanographic Museum until 30th September.