Prince Albert takes off in eco-air balloon from Place du Palais

Photo: Facebook Palais Princier de Monaco
Photo: Facebook Palais Princier de Monaco

As part of the “Next Generation Project”, Monaco’s Aeronauts are working on a world first: taking off with a new ecological balloon ride from Place du Palais, followed by a five-hour flight.

This first venture takes place in two stages: a trial inflation was held Monday morning at Palace Square with a special guest, Prince Albert, and this will be followed by a takeoff in April.

The Next Generation Project aims to reduce the propane consumption of hot air balloon burners: it has a double jacket that reduces energy loss, avoiding the escape of hot air to the outside. The model used, “The Jeeper”, consumes only 20 kg per hour of propane instead of the usual sixty.

The dates will be chosen according to weather conditions, three days before each stage. More info:


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