Prince Albert and MEB visit Astana 2017

astanaThe Monaco Economic Board (MEB) has been conducting a 4-day economic mission in Astana which will finish on June 27, in conjunction with the official visit of Prince Albert on June 25, accompanied by Princess Stephanie. The Prince’s visit and MEB’s mission coincided with the celebration of the National Day of Monaco at the International Exhibition Astana 2017.

Watch Prince Albert’s visit to Astana in YouTube

The mission will not only benefit from the ongoing promotion of the Principality at Monaco’s Pavilion at the expo but also the media exposure related to National Day. It will also enable the MEB to deepen significantly the relations already established with Kazakhstan.

An economic mission to the central Asian country in 2013 was a considerable success, followed the same year by a visit to Monaco by President Nazarbayev during which a Business Forum gathered more than 100 Monegasque and Kazakh entrepreneurs.

The latest initiative by the MEB is intended to build on previous progress in deepening relations between the two states.

Kazakhstan, with its natural resources and strategic position at the heart of Central Asia, a member of the CIS and at the gates of China, is a prime destination for Monegasque companies. The sectors represented by Monaco during this trip are mainly banking and finance, retail, legal advice, energy, real estate, decoration-design, trading, healthcare and also information and communications, transport and logistics.


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