President appoints political maverick as Prime Minister of France

In his first full day in office as President of France, Emmanuel Macron has named the Deputy Mayor of Le Havre, Edouard Philippe, as his prime minister.

The 46-year-old new head of government has been a strong supporter of conservative Alain Juppé, but his first foray into politics was as a Socialist. More recently he famously declined to give details of the value of his apartment in Paris and a house in Seine-Maritime. “No idea,” was his answer to enquiries from the High Authority for Transparency in Public Life (HATVP).

Born in Rouen to two French teacher parents, Mr Philippe’s credentials as a product of the highest echelons of the Parisian educational system are impeccable. He graduated at Sciences Po-Paris in 1992 and then at ENA, the École nationale d’administration.

After working alongside Alain Juppe during the fictitious jobs crisis of 2004, Mr Phillipe joined a law firm. He later became Director of Public Affairs at Areva. His own public political career was launched in June 2010, when he took over from Antoine Rufenacht at the Le Havre town hall.

Further appointments by president Macron during the next few days will be watched closely. (Feature image President Macron: Facebook Élysée – Présidence de la République française)



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