Postman stole gift vouchers

A postman has been found guilty of stealing vouchers and gift cards while working inside the sorting office.

The Monaco Criminal Court heard how the 33 year-old, living in Menton, would check envelopes for their thickness before opening those he though might contain items of value.

His crime came to light after a woman in Monaco sent two gift vouchers to her daughter in Paris that never arrived. After she reported the disappearance to the postal authorities the culprit was discovered by an examination of footage from CCTV cameras.

One of the vouchers was cashed in a large shop in Fontvieille and this transaction was traced back to the individual working in the sorting office. Two of his victims were living overseas, prompting the court president to ponder if they had been chosen because they would be less likely to complain.

The prosecutor asked for a jail term of three months suspended, but after a plea for clemency by the accused the court fined him a total of 2,500 euros.