Popular Nice-Monaco bus gets boost

Lignes-d’Azur-busThe Monaco Government is constantly trying to ameliorate the problems faced by everyday commuters to the Principality, and this week announced that more buses will be added to the very popular, and often overcrowded, number 100 route that runs from Nice to Monaco with some services continuing to Menton.

As part of this policy, a new line, the 101, was introduced to serve Saint-Laurent d’Eze to the west and Carnoles to the east in July 2014, but usage has been disappointing. In consultation with the Alpes-Maritimes, the resources given to the 101 will now be reallocated to the much busier 100 route.

Two more large capacity articulated buses will be added, allowing seven more departures in peak hours from Nice to Monaco, with the last bus to Nice from Monaco leaving at 9 pm, an hour later than the current schedule.