Pope to welcome families of Bastille Day attack

Pope Francis at Vatican, 2014. Photo: Jeffrey Bruno
Pope Francis at Vatican, 2014. Photo: Jeffrey Bruno

Pope Francis has taken a great personal interest in the aftermath of the July 14 attack in Nice that cost the lives of 86 people, and will soon meet the families of the victims of the atrocity at the Vatican. Christian Estrosi, the President of the PACA region, will also attend on September 24. Estrosi said: “I firmly hope that this day will help alleviate the suffering of victims, enabling us to come together in our collective grief.”

Pope Francis had telephoned Christian Estrosi two days after the Bastille Day attack on the Promenade des Anglais to convey his support to the local community. The Pope had also spoken on the phone with Paolo Celi, president of the France-Italy Friendship Association. Celi said: “He asked me to convey a message to all the families involved in some way by this terrible tragedy, all of Nice and the people of France. He is horrified by the events and demands deep and final peace among men of all races, religion, and affiliation.”

Pope Francis does not understand that one can target children and their families that have come together to participate in a moment of happiness, said Celi, adding that “we ask everyone to pray for the victims and he has the strength to do the job”.