Police unions send letter to Prime Minister Valls

NEWS: Unions representing police officers who were in the front line during the terror attack in Nice last week have sent an open letter to Prime Minister Manuel Valls deploring the fact that they were not mentioned during a memorial ceremony on Monday.

“Do you have to be reminded that it was municipal police officers who reported the arrival of the truck? These officers were the ‘first responders’ not latecomers to the scene as has been claimed by the government. Not having been acknowledged is seen as an insult by the Municipal Police Officers that we represent.”

This is more than just forgetfulness, but a disconnect between the government and the teams in the field, the union said. The complementarity between the local police and the national police, particularly evident during the attack, is also an everyday fact.

The union has asked that municipal officers be allowed to carry the same heavier weaponry that the national police have. Pointedly, the union says that if plain clothes officers had been allowed to carry guns the driver would have been stopped much sooner.

The union said that it wants the government to take heed of its “cry of anger and pain.”