Plenary Session of Judicial Services Commission sets up two working groups

Photo: DC
Photo: DC

Monaco’s Code Update Commission has resumed its activities on the initiative of the Directorate of Judicial Services, meeting in plenary session on April 9 under the chairmanship of Laurent Anselmi, Director of Judicial Services.

Created by Sovereign Decision of May 26, 1954, this Commission, in which the different actors of the Monegasque law are represented, works on codification in the long term. Representatives of the three constitutional functions – legislative (National Council), executive (Directorate of Legal Affairs, Prince’s Government) and judicial (Headquarters Jurisdictions, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Bar Association) are represented and eminent specialists are also included.

This first session identified the aims of those present. After an initial exchange of views, two working groups were set up, the first dealing with civil procedure, the second with criminal procedure.

These groups will need to work on the development of provisions on a specific list of technical issues for submission to the next plenary meeting of the Commission in early autumn. Ultimately, the goal is to draft “turnkey” legislation to initiate a legislative procedure facilitated by the specialised work done upstream by the commission.


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