PhotoMonaco focuses on photography with flair

Photo: Facebook PhotoMonaco
Photo: Facebook PhotoMonaco

A new event is about to make its debut in the Principality. PhotoMonaco promises to be an international fair with an emphasis on artistic photography and collectibles.

Renaud Siegmann, the event’s director, is known for his inspired take on contemporary creation over the last 30 years. He curated the Marrakech Art Fair in 2010 and 2011, and steered the Monaco Art Fair as its executive director in 2016.

Under the High Patronage of Prince Albert, PhotoMonaco will be a new platform with an aim to trigger original encounters between the public and images, and for this first edition, Mr Siegmann has chosen to promote photographic moments under the theme of “Le Temps du Regard”.

“PhotoMonaco is special because it offers an experience of the photographic moment. This is not yet another fair focusing solely on the commercial aspect,” Mr Siegmann said.

“I see our fair as a significant step towards defending images but also publishing, measured against extremely rigorous standards. For example, at every edition of PhotoMonaco, I intend to present a large collection of photographs, whether historic, modern or contemporary, to bring a qualitative tempo to the event.”

PhotoMonaco will be open to the public at Exhibition Hall, Quai Albert 1er, from Friday, April 6, until Sunday, April 8, from 1 pm to 7 pm. Admission is free.