Petelepathy and canine massage at free Ecohub event Sunday

IMG_6857There’s no reason why only humans should take advantage of massages and wellbeing treatments, and that is why EcoHub will dedicate Sunday, May 14th, to the welfare of animals.

This 9th edition of Stars’n’Bars monthly eco-series will be punctuated by conferences that will teach pet lovers everything about canine massage, education, animal telepathy, first aid, energy work and the various animal associations operating in the region.

Professionals will be on hand to share their passion and knowledge and help attendees better understand the needs of man’s best friend.

As with previous EcoHub Sunday events, the day is free and there’s no need to sign up. Everyone is welcome.

The program begins at 1 pm, with a series of five 60-minute mini-conferences covering education (Victoria Morris & Karen September); first aid (Humanimal) and energy (Franck Vandenbrouck); canine massages and reflexology (Jacqueline Rondard) and osteophathy (Drs Denais and Fugier); animal telepathy (Shaina Lebeau) and RVF (Franck Gilbert); and at 5 pm, The Animal Fund Association (Berit Legrand) and Borneo Wildlife Association (Kat Pirelli).

Various stands will also be present, including Lisa Palo (Shiatsu for horses); Sandrine Chiche (Brin de Chance Association); Nathy Powers (le Ranch du lac de St Cassien); and Gilles Riem (Author of L’Avis des Animaux).



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