Personal insecurity at highest-ever level in France

Photo: Zoetnet
Photo: Zoetnet

A survey by the National Observatory of Delinquency and Criminal Response (ONDRP), conducted in the first six months of 2017, has shown that more than one in five French people experience fear in their daily lives. In total, this amounted to 10.8 million French residents aged 14 and over.

In addition, 32 percent of respondents said they had witnessed at least one crime in the previous 12 months. The research is conducted annually into the topic of “victimisation”.

Anxiety about personal safety is higher among women than men, at 25 percent compared to 16 percent. The figures collated in the survey show that older people feel less insecure.

Twenty-six percent of girls aged between 14 and 17 felt insecure going out alone in their own neighbourhood.

The survey figures are being further analysed to shed more light on a growing problem.


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