Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Sat. March 24 – Comedy Festival

Saturday 24 March at 8 pm, Grimaldi Forum Monaco - Salle Prince Pierre: 13th Sérénissimes de l'Humour:  Comedy Festival with Madénian & VDB, in partnership with Rire et Chansons and in support of AMADE. Further Information:  +377 99 99 30 00

Sat. March 24 – Rose Ball

Saturday 24 March at 8.30 pm, Sporting Monte-Carlo - Salle des Etoiles: Rose Ball. Further Information:  +377 98 06 36 36

Tues. March 27- Picnic Music with Sting

Tuesday 27 March at 12.15 pm, Médiathèque de Monaco - Sonothèque José Notari: Picnic Music with Sting, on a big screen. Further Information:  +377 93 30 64 48

Tues. March 27 – Words Aperitif

Tuesday 27 March at 6 pm, Médiathèque de Monaco - Bibliothèque Louis Notari: Words Aperitif, led by Eric Lafitte. Further Information:  +377 93 15 29 40

Tues. March 27 – Sat. March 31...

From Tuesday 27 to Saturday 31 March, Baie de Monaco: Monaco Swan One Design, organised by the Yacht Club de Monaco. Further Information:  +377 93 10 10 63 00

Wed. March 28 – Student Concert

Wednesday 28 March at 7 pm, Espace Léo Ferré: Ensembles Concert by the pupils of the Rainier III Academy. Further Information:  +377 93 15 28 91

Thurs. March 29 – Deathtrap

Thursday 29 March at 8.30 pm, Théâtre Princesse Grace: "Piège mortel" ("Deathtrap") by Ira Levin with Nicolas Briançon, Cyril Garnier, Virginie Lemoine, Marie Vincent and Damien Gajda. Further Information:  +377 93 25 32 27

Thurs. March 29 – “A Little Hand...

Thursday 29 and Friday 30 March at 8.30 pm, Saturday 31 March at 9 pm and Sunday 1 April, at 4.30 pm Théâtre des Muses: "Une petite main qui se place" ("A Little Hand that Places Itself"), a comedy by Sacha Guitry with Olivier Broussard, Frédéric Fialon, Christian Guerin, Angelina Laine, Lea Libron, Eric Persichi and Eve Stievenard. Further Information:  +377 97 98 10 93

Sat. March 24 – American Music Concert

Saturday 24 March at 8.30 pm, Auditorium Rainier III: American Music – concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Kazuki Yamada.  On the programme:  Luciano Berio, Eric Montalbetti and Charles Ives.

Mon. March 26 – March 30 –...

From Monday 26 to Friday 30 March, from 9.30 am to 5 pm, MonacoTech - Fontvieille: 3rd IanniX Workshop (booking required).

Wed. March 28 – Rainier III Academy...

Wednesday 28 March at 8.30 pm, Tunnel Riva: Concert by talented young performers by the pupils of the Rainier III Academy and regional music conservatories, Bumjun Kim, cello and Théo Fouchenneret, piano.  On the programme:  Portrait by Yan Maresz, Johann-Sebastian Bach, Claude Debussy, George Crumb and Dmitri Shostakovich.

Sat. March 31 – Round Table on...

Saturday 31 March at 6.30 pm, Théâtre Princesse Grace: Round Table on the theme of "L'économie de la musique" ("The Economics of Music") with Sylvie Pébrier, Inspector of Music at the Ministry of Culture and Antoine Pecqueur, economics commentator for France Musique, hosted by David Christoffel, musicologist.

Sat. March 31 – American Music Concert

Saturday 31 March at 8.30 pm, Opéra de Monte-Carlo - Salle Garnier: American Music – concert by Bertrand Chamayou and Tamara Stefanovich, pianos.  On the programme:  Luciano Berio and Charles Ives.

Sat. March 31 – Saint Devota Rugby...

Saturday 31 March, Stade Louis 11: "Saint Devota" Rugby Tournament, organised by the Monegasque Rugby Federation and the Princess Charlene Foundation. Further Information:   +0 6 60 51 96 63 From 16 March to 29 April, Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival ("Printemps des Arts"): Further Information:  +377 99 99 20 20

Sat. Feb 24 – Monaco Anime Game...

Saturday 24 February, Grimaldi Forum Monaco Monaco Anime Game International Conference (MAGIC) – manga, comics, contest, animation, video games and pop culture – organised by Shibuya Productions Information: +377 99 99 30 00

Feb. 26 – March 2 – Marine...

26 February to 2 March, 9 am to 5 pm, Oceanographic Museum of Monaco Introduction to the marine world course, to raise awareness among 8–12 year olds about protecting the oceans. The course will include a range of activities focused on the oceans and the creatures that live in them. Booking essential Information: +377 93 15 36 00

Mon. Feb 26 – Fri. March 2...

Monday 26 February to Friday 2 March, Monaco Art School, Pavillon Bosio Ceramics course with Jeffery Haines (adults) Information: +377 93 30 18 39

Wed. Jan 31 and Sat. Feb 3...

Wednesday 31 January and Saturday 3 February, 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm, Théâtre des Muses L’envol de la fourmi (The Flight of the Ant), a children’s production by and featuring Johanna Gallard Information: +377 97 98 10 93

Wed. Jan 31 – Wed. Feb 3...

Wednesday 31 January to Wednesday 7 February 21st Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique Information: +377 93 15 26 00

Wed. Jan 31 – Sat. Feb 3...

Wednesday 31 January to Saturday 3 February 2nd Rallye Monte-Carlo Classique Information: +377 93 15 26 00

Wed. Jan 31 – Literary Tea: Favorites

Wednesday 31 January, 3 pm, Monaco Multimedia Library – Louis Notari Library Literary tea: “Favourites” Information: +377 93 15 29 40

Wed. Jan 31 – Popcorn Cinema, Raising...

Wednesday 31 January, 7 pm, Monaco Multimedia Library – José Notari Sound Library Popcorn Cinema: Raising Arizona by the Coen brothers Information: +377 93 30 64 48

Mon. Jan 29 – Lecture on “I...

Monday 29 January, 8 pm to 10 pm, Saint-Charles Church – Parish Hall As part of the “In the Bible...” cycle, lecture on “I believe in Jesus Christ, His Only Son”, led by Deacon Marc Duwelz, Doctor of Theology Information: 06 80 86 21 93

Sat. Dec 23 – Christmas Follies on...

Saturday 23 December, 5.30 pm, Open-air ice rink Ice show: Christmas Follies on Ice Information: +377 93 15 06 09

Sat. Dec 23 – AS Monaco Basketballs...

Saturday 23 December, 8 pm, Louis II Stadium – Gaston Médecin Omnisports Hall PRO A basketball championship: Monaco vs Le Portel Information: +377 92 05 40 10

Sun. Dec 24 – 3rd International Organ...

Sunday 24 December, 5 pm, Carmes Chapel 3rd International Organ Festival – Christmas concert with Marc Giacone, organised by In Tempore Organi Information: 06 83 58 06 38


Up Close with Monaco Life: Hallie Hart,...

Hallie Hart, Diamond Dust Collection artist ML: You are from New York. Tell us a little about yourself and your background in art. HH: My background in art started when I was a child. My beautifully whimsical French grandmother, Evelynn, was an impressionist painter and influential part of my strong desire to learn and paint throughout my life. I don’t paint in the manner that she does currently, I found my own unique style. I forgo the use of brushes and paint with just my hands, I work around my canvas on the floor to music of all genres – music is a key to opening my subconscious and allowing me to pour out my deepest thoughts. My larger abstracts, which are often what I get commissioned to paint, are challenging, so I built 20-foot catwalks to walk over the enormous canvas, allowing me to get the harmony that each piece must have in its chaotic nature. Hallie Hart, Diamond Dust Collection artist ML: What attracted you to hand painting, and how do you decide when a piece is finished? HH: Painting with my hands was a way of controlling where my paint landed. I need also to feel the weight and texture. It’s a way of connecting to all of it; it completes the process in the most raw sense. A piece is finished is when it speaks back to me, what we call in art an “Aha! moment”. It’s like the first time falling in love, it’s all over you, and you just know. ML: What is your connection to Monaco, and what does it mean for an artist to exhibit here, as opposed to having a show in London or Paris? HH: On a personal level, I’ve been coming to Monaco for over a decade. I’m in love with the romance of its beauty and felt compelled to be here. Professionally, I came to Monaco back in 2013 when I was asked to participate in GemLucArt, the exhibition under the Honorary Presidency of HRH Princess of Hanover, which raise funds for the fight against cancer. It’s an international competition and representing the US, I did very well placing third out of ninety-three. ML: Would you say there’s an art scene in Monaco? HH: All that cities where I’ve exhibited have an art scene and Monaco is no different. I think we need to engage more and bring some new blood here to liven Monaco up a bit. I feel maybe I might be the fresh face it needs. ML: As an artist, how do you define success? HH: Success to me is freedom. I have this in my life, I do what I love and live each day thrilled to be in it. Hallie Hart, Diamond Dust Collection artist ML: Looking at the Diamond Dust Collection portfolio, what inspires your work? HH: Diamond Dust was created for Monaco, and it exists because of the place. The opulence and beauty of Monaco is the collection. ML: I read you travel extensively. What is one thing you do when visiting a new place and what has travel taught you as an artist? HH: Travelling is inspiring and I enjoy meeting artists from the region, to see what I can learn from them and hopefully share with them some of my experiences and techniques. I’m likely to take in my surroundings, shoot mental pictures to gather inspiration for something new I might be working on. I’m forever a student and take it in like a sponge. ML: For art goers who come to see the Diamond Dust Collection at the Port Palace Hotel, what impression do you hope to make? HH: People who come to see my new works will get a glimpse of a compelling, complex and distinctive artist. They will get to see how I view Monaco on canvas: beauty, grace with a dash of glitz. Hallie Hart's Diamond Dust Collection at Port Palace opens March 22 and runs for six months. For more, see House of Hart on Facebook. Article first published March 20, 2018.


Sustainable Stories of Monaco Life: Konstantin Sidorov,...

Konstantin Sidorov, Co-Founder and Director of Kasperskian Caviar ML: As co-owner of INLINE Technologies Group, one of Russia’s largest IT companies, you were contacted by a friend about the idea for the world’s first sustainable caviar. What made you decide to switch from IT in Russia to producing caviar in Switzerland? KS: I like challenges and new projects and I enjoy doing business in different countries. Yet for some reason, until Kasperskian, all my involvement has been within the IT industry, probably because I was comfortable in a field where I had 27 years of experience. When my Swiss friend, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, called me six years ago with a proposal, my first reaction was: “Why are you calling me about caviar?” He replied that I am Russian and caviar should be in my heart. On top of that he offered to participate in a unique project which had not yet been done anywhere in the world – the production of the first truly sustainable, cruelty-free, fresh caviar – and without have to kill any fish. It was a new endeavour, and I accepted it. Moreover my partner Peter is the former chairman and CEO of the Nestlé Group – and former chairman of Formula One – and an environmental enthusiast who knows probably better than anybody else in the world how to produce and market high-end organic food. So it would have been silly on my part to walk away from such an opportunity.

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How to get engaged in Monaco

Photo: Monaco Life
Photo: Monaco Life
I don’t know what you did on Sunday, but I dropped by the EcoHub at Stars’n’Bars to take a few pictures of the “Je m’engage” National Pact for Energy Transition event. It was like circuit training for those wanting to get environmentally fit. Outside, there were various creative activities for children, including a garden workshop on how to plant seeds and grow organic herbs (Stars’n’Bars has its own vegetable and herb garden). For the bigger kids like me, you could step into the driver’s seat of an AirPod compressed air car, which was invented and developed in nearby Carros. At less than 2 metres in length, the vehicle recharges with an electrical plug and can travel up to 200 km with a top speed of 80 km/h.
Photo: Monaco Life
Photo: Monaco Life
Inside at StarDeck, a series of eco-stations to increase your carbon footprint awareness were set up, as well as games to teach children the importance of recycling. The smoothie bike was a big hit also, for young and old. To the side, a video looped explaining the Prince’s vision towards a sustainable future and his government’s national strategy to cut the Principality’s overall carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2050, which includes initiatives such as A Bag for Life programme, solar roads and the National Pact for Energy Transition. “To achieve these goals we must all act together to protect our environment, while improving our quality of life and preserving our health,” said Stars’n’Bars co-founders Kate Powers and Didier Rubiolo, who, along with Annette Anderson, put a great amount of effort into organising the afternoon. “This means adopting new habits, using clean energies and controlling our waste.” The Mission for Energy Transition (MTE) team, in the presence of Jean-Luc Nguyen, Director of the Mission for Energy Transition, was also on hand to help people with a carbon footprint “calculator” – based on how much they travel, how much waste they generate and how much energy they use – and to discuss on a one-on-one basis the National Pact, which can be signed by anyone who works or lives in the Principality, offering suggestions about how to make small changes to reduce your consumption in the categories of transport, waste and electricity.
Photo: Monaco Life
Photo: Monaco Life
The event was highly informative and one young French girl ran up to Kate to thank her because she "learned a lot". Her sincerity was touching. I am one of those people who finds global warming and carbon-footprints overwhelming. While I recognise there is much to be done, I am not sure how I alone can help save the planet. After spending 15 minutes talking with an impressively informed MTE member about how I could change my habits and reduce my impact on the environment, I realised I was engaged in a collective commitment of an eco-conscious community. I signed the pact. For those of you in Monaco who are commitment phobic, unwilling to give up your freedom, great life or travel, engage in the National Energy Transition Pact. Like any relationship, you may have to compromise but it promises a future better than worse. Article first published March 19, 2018.


Barclays Monaco announces EMEA leadership appointments

Kamran Djavadi, Andrew Mott, Gerald Mathieu, Francesco Grosoli, Sophie Saurini and Jean Daniel Troy. Photo: Oznerol
Kamran Djavadi, Andrew Mott, Gerald Mathieu, Francesco Grosoli, Sophie Saurini and Jean Daniel Troy. Photo: Oznerol
Barclays Private Bank has announced several appointments, which authenticate the opportunities it sees for growth in Monaco and Switzerland, as well as demonstrating its strong team with a depth of talent. Gerald Mathieu will move from Monaco to Switzerland to take the role of Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Barclays Bank (Suisse). As a result, Andrew Mott and Sophie Saurini have been appointed to lead client and market engagement in Monaco, supported by the sales management team. Ms Saurini joined Barclays in 2011 and has been leading a team of Private Bankers in Monaco focused on UHNW clients. Mr Mott has been with Barclays for 35 years and has been leading the Monaco UK team of Private Bankers for the past seven years. Jean Daniel Troy will continue in his role as Deputy General Manager for Monaco and Kamran Djavadi, in his role as EMEA Head of Business Delivery and Control, will carry on working closely with Francesco Grosoli, CEO, Private Bank EMEA & Monaco Branch, and the leadership team to deliver Barclays ambitions across EMEA and the whole Private Banking and Overseas Services business. Mr Grosoli told Monaco Life, “With Gerald in Switzerland, Andrew and Sophie in Monaco and Steve Klemme, who recently joined as Head of Middle East, we have a strong and experienced EMEA leadership team in place for Private Bank and Overseas Services to support the delivery of tailored and relevant solutions for our clients. “We’ve got a strong mandate for growth and Monaco plays a significant role in delivering this ambition.” Barclays has been reinvesting in the Private Bank and Overseas Services business over the last 12 months, with over 100 hires, furthering the bank's commitment to EMEA, Switzerland, Monaco and MENA. The recent appointments emphasise the bank’s focus on enabling colleagues to reach their full potential through development and mobility opportunities. Barclays long-term vision continues to be about making decisions and doing business that positively impacts clients, customers and shareholders, as well as the communities in which they operate. As an example, the Monaco branch celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 with a highly successful in-house event featuring local businesses. Guest speakers included award-winning Sommelier Julia Scavo, health and nutrition coach Madeleine Karlsson and Kasey Robinson from the association She Can He Can, which aims to inspire girls to take leadership roles. The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation was also represented, as well as Bel Air Fine Art, HRH Jewels, Fragonard and Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa. Article first published March 21, 2018.



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