Overall compliance with declared labour rules

non-declared work, on the black, employment, monaco
Photo: Sûreté Publique

A series of inspections has found a relatively low incidence of undeclared work in Monaco.

The Labour Directorate recently carried out a series of checks, in connection with the Public Safety Department and the Department of Health Affairs, in the building and catering sectors.

Giving work to an undeclared worker deprives the employee of any social protection, Didier Gamerdinger, Minister for Health and Social Affairs said, adding that the fight against undeclared work is a priority objective: “With undeclared work, everyone is losing. It has no place in the Principality.”

The two targeted sectors were chosen due to the increase in tourist activity in the summer and the construction sector due to the numerous construction operations currently underway in the Principality.

A total of 1,268 employees were checked, and an anomaly discovered was discovered in only just over five percent of cases. The labour inspectorate plans to continue its work in order to ensure compliance with the rules laid down by the State.


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