Odeon Tower corruption prosecutor wants one more chance


The long-running “clean hands” corruption case has taken a new turn as the public prosecutor who appealed the first instance judgment on January 25, 2017, has requested the partial invalidation of this first court decision, according to local French-language newspaper Monaco-Matin.

Referring to the part of the case involving the Odeon Tower, General Counsel Pierre-Jean Gaury said that his task was difficult given the shortcomings of the enquiry.

However, he added that he has not despaired of obtaining convictions for corruption against a number of key figures, including Silvio Perlino, the offshore construction specialist and Lino Alberti, the Italian-Monegasque entrepreneur who allegedly distributed envelopes containing large amounts of cash, as well as Gerard Spinelli, the Mayor of Beausoleil.

Twelve months ago Mr Spinelli was acquitted of receiving a bribe in return for downplaying the impact of the Tower on his neighbouring commune. The developers of the Odeon Tower, the Marzocco brothers, have also escaped culpability. The police enquiry was first launched towards the end of 2009, more than eight years ago.


Tower case continues this week