Oceanographic hosts colloquium on trash in the sea

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Robert Calcagno, Director of the Oceanographic Museum, with Anne Vissio (left), Executive Secretary of the RAMOGE Agreement, on the left, and Fannie Dubois, Secretary
Executive of the Pelagos Agreement, Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC

The secretariats of the RAMOGE and Pelagos Agreements have held a successful colloquium at the Oceanographic Museum to raise awareness of the acute problem of marine litter.

The event, on September 12, was aimed at both coastal and inland communities. Scientists, representatives of the countries parties to the Agreements – France, Monaco, and Italy – as well as local actors took part.

Environmental and health issues related to marine litter, government actions to combat this form of pollution and innovative initiatives to stop it were the highlights of the event, the aim of which was to come up with concrete measures to prevent it.

The problem of waste reduction is a common concern to the RAMOGE and Pelagos Agreements because of the pollution that threatens marine species and in particularly marine mammals.

Considering that 80 percent of the waste is of land-based origin, it is essential to develop policies in order to avoid detritus found at sea.


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