Oceanographic Director publishes book on threat to sea turtles

501 TORTUES MARINES[LIV].inddRobert Calcagno, Director of the Oceanographic Museum, has written a book “Sea Turtles, The Great Odyssey”, which will be published on November 22.

The 144-page book, which includes a preface from Prince Albert, looks at the mistreatment by humans and how the reptiles suffer from most of the pressures exerted on the marine environment, from the coast to the high seas: urbanisation, overfishing, collisions, pollution, the accumulation of plastic and other dangers.

For the first time in their long history, they may not survive the profound changes they face.

Robert Calcagno served as Minister of the Environment of the Principality between 2006 and 2009, before taking over the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco in 2009. He organises and hosts many international meetings – his favourite themes involve ocean governance, marine protected areas, the protection of sharks and the preservation of the biodiversity of the deep seabed – with the goal of mobilising political and socio-economic players and creating synergies with the community.

In keeping with Mr Calcagno’s commitment to putting his ideas into practice, sea turtles will soon benefit from a care centre in Monaco, currently under construction as an extension of the Oceanographic Museum. Located in the open air, it will consist of a clinic and a convalescence basin, allowing injured turtles to recover in peace. Visitors will be able to observe these animals and understand their fragility.

Mr Calcagno is the author of several books for the general public.


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