Normandy Landings come to Fontvieille

notmandy-Approaching_OmahaSeventy-three years after the Normandy Landings, a unique and graphic exhibition in Monaco this summer will help shed light on this momentous event.

‘Normandy, June 6, 1944, the Extraordinary Story of the Landings’, will be open to the public from July 7 through August 20. This unique exhibition at the Chapiteau, Fontvieille, will lift much of the mystery from the biggest military operation in history.

Six hundred tons of original remains, artefacts and specialised equipment will be gathered in one spot for the exhibition. The exhibition consists of 24 sequences that detail, hour after hour, the unfolding of the undoubted turning point of the Second World War, as US, British and Allied Forces started the liberation of Europe.


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