Nomination for ‘Grace’ role

Nicole Kidman Photo: Eva Rinaldi
Nicole Kidman Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Nicole Kidman has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for her role as Princess Grace in the 2014 TV movie Grace Of Monaco, even though the production was widely seen as a complete disaster. The 48-year-old Australian actress was nominated in the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie category…

Also nominated in that category were Queen Latifah for Bessie, Christina Ricci for The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Susan Sarandon for The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe and Kristen Wiig for The Spoils Before Dying.

Kidman’s film was so troubled it went from feature film that had Oscar hopes to a Lifetime movie that did poorly in the ratings. When the movie was screened in Cannes in 2014, it was booed.

In May 2014 Kidman responded to criticism from the Princely family by talking to “I know they’re upset. I would be too if it were my mother. It’s a child’s job to protect their parent. In that regard, I get it. I get why the children are upset. I can’t say much other than that I have great respect and regard for their mother.”

BuzzFeed called Nicole’s performance ‘ridiculous and a touch offensive.’ The New York Times added: ‘Nicole works so hard to re-create the movie star’s voice, mien and magic that the distance is only magnified.’ The critic then went on to note that while Kelly was ‘fire and ice,’ Kidman is mostly ‘ice.’