Nocturne at Villa Paloma

Monaco’s Villa Paloma will be opening its doors for a night exhibition featuring a special screening of ‘Where is Rocky II?’, the first feature film of French artist Pierre Bismuth.

A scene from Where is Rocky II?

It is believed that the internationally acclaimed American artist Ed Ruscha produced a witty and mysterious object in 1979 that absolutely no one seems to be aware of, a fake rock hidden amongst real ones in the vast Californian desert. Now almost 40 years later, Academy-Award Winner, artist and filmmaker Pierre Bismuth has set out to find this mysterious hidden piece, with the help of a private detective and two talented Hollywood screenwriters.

Pierre Bismuth is a visual artist, screenwriter and director and lives in Brussels. He is interested in processes and protocols as essential manifestations of human activity. His approach develops around the idea that it is by simply manipulating the definition commonly given to things that one changes their perception.

The “undetectability” of Ruscha’s work is what excited Bismuth. “What is an art piece that nobody can see?” he says. “That’s already quite an interesting statement. But more than that, what is an art piece that nobody knows about? I mean, this is really pushing it. I understand that an artist can do an invisible piece, but a piece that no one knows is kind of weird. It’s beyond any kind of conceptual statement you can have.”

Pierre Bismuth also came up with the original story for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry’s dizzying tale of love, loss and memory. The 2004 film won the Frenchman a shared Oscar for best original screenplay.

“I like to describe ‘Where is Rocky II’ as a fake fiction,” says Bismuth.

Nocturne at Villa Paloma will be held on Friday 2nd August, with free access to the exhibition of Ettore Spalletti, Ombre d’Azur, transparency. Screening of ‘Where is Rocky II?’ will begin at 9pm. Places are subject to availability.