No Finish Line heads towards the stars

No Finish Line 2016. Photo: Palomba/NFL
No Finish Line 2016. Photo: Palomba/NFL

Last year the 13,297 runners and walkers who took part in the annual No Finish Line passed the distance from the earth to the moon, travelling a total of 392,516 kilometres.

This year, there’s a new challenge: heading to the stars. The mission for the 2017 fundraiser is to travel 400,000 kilometres in eight days. Number of passengers expected for the November 11 start: 14,000.

Participants, individuals or teams, will combine sport and motivation for a single goal: to help sick and disadvantaged children. Some 50 volunteers from the association Children & Future will also be working around the clock over the eight days.

Since 1999, the year of the first No Finish Line, the objectives, both in terms of the number of participants and the number of kilometres completed, have continued to grow, making this one of the most important charitable events in Monaco. Over the past 18 years, 96,085 participants have travelled 2,636,778 kilometres, raising a total of €2,797,303 for projects favouring children.

No Finish Line is a great charity race, a sports celebration whose exponential success is the result of the simple principle of participation accessible to everyone, running or walking on a 1.4 km circuit open 24h/7 over eight days, for as many laps – and kilometres – as desired.

No Finish Line 2017 kicks off Saturday, November 11 at 2 pm and will close 4 pm on Sunday, November 19 in Fontvieille. Individuals and teams can sign up here.

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