Night-time imaging of Monaco’s lights gives pause for reflection

Considering the unique and spectacular character of Monaco’s urban landscape, which has around 7,500 individual light sources, the issue of lighting in the city is very important, the Government has said.

“The Government, based on the expertise of a Specialised Design Office, has initiated a study of public and private lighting in the Principality,” said Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Infrastructure, Environment and Urban Planning.

Four major issues guided the development of a measurement highlighting the buildings of the Principality: the desire to limit energy consumption, the preservation of wildlife and the flora, the protection of the night sky and the creation of a harmonious nocturnal silhouette.

“This study took into account objective criteria such as the need for the visibility of certain buildings; the necessary architectural enhancement of classical or contemporary buildings; the impact of lighting, among other things on the quality of life of the inhabitants; and the impact on energy consumption,” the Minister said.


Two main categories of buildings can be discerned: Remarkable buildings and buildings belonging to the larger urban landscape, and buildings located in busy night-time areas.

Any new lighting is subject to planning controls.