Nighttime hot water cuts at Condamine housing complex


The Government announced that there will be further work carried out on the hot water supply at the Jardins d’Appoline complex, from Tuesday, December 12, at 10 pm until Wednesday at 5 am, and again from Wednesday night until Thursday morning, at the same times.

Cold water will be accessible as usual but hot water will not be available during these periods, and the hot water taps should not be used.

Residents have also been warned to run the hot water for a minute after the service has resumed to get rid of discolouration, although it is possible that some discolouration will last longer.

Most importantly, when the hot water is back in service it will be at a higher temperature initially, at about 55 degrees. Users are advised to open the hot water supply slowly at first, in order to avoid the danger of burns. All this necessary information and precautions should be passed on to children in the household.

The Government service responsible for the repairs has apologised for the inconvenience.


Government prolongs help to residents