Night bus service to be much improved, split into two routes

From Tuesday, June 5, at the same time as the Boulevard des Moulins bus corridor will be tested to improve traffic flow in this area and to reduce travel times for lines 1 and 4, the Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco (CAM) will adjust the schedules of several other lines.

The goal is to maintain the average frequency at 10 minutes on the main bus routes (1,2,4,6) while also better serving commuters in the morning and afternoon. Meanwhile, the night service will be split into two routes in order to provide a much-improved service for users.

Night Line 1 will run from Fontvieille to Larvotto and Saint Roman, which is a mix of lines 1 and 6 operating during the day. Night Line 2 will run from the Jardin Exotique on a North-South route, which is strictly the same as Line 2 during the day.

These two lines will operate with a frequency of 35 minutes. The schedules have been designed so that the buses arrive at the same time at the stops Princesse Antoinette and Monte-Carlo to ensure a smooth connection for travellers.


Major changes to traffic on boulevard des Moulins