New York office announces “Forbidden City in Monaco”

To help celebrate the Chinese New Year, the New York office of Monaco’s Tourism and Convention Bureau held a private dinner announcing the Grimaldi Forum summer exhibition: “The Forbidden City in Monaco. Life of the Court of Emperors and Empresses of China,” which will take place from July 14 to September 10.

The event, attended by 25 journalists, was held on January 25 at the Chinese Hakkasan gourmet restaurant in New York, founded by renowned chef Alan Yau, who is also the creator of the Song Qi restaurant in Monaco.

As a follow-up to the Grimaldi Forum’s 2001 exhibit “China of the First Emperor”, the 2017 summer exhibition will focus on the last imperial Chinese dynasty (1644–1911), jointly curated by Jean-Paul Desroches, Honorary General Curator, and Wang Yuegong, Director of the Imperial Court Life Department at the Forbidden City.

More than 250 remarkable artefacts will be on display, from the Emperors’ former palace, as well as from major European and American collections, including the Musée Cernuschi and Musée du Louvre in Paris, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The Forbidden City has 10 million visitors annually. Pre-sale tickets to “The Forbidden City in Monaco” are available for €5 from the online ticket office.

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