New website and new address for Tourism Office

Administered by the Tourism and Congress Department (DTC), the Monegasque tourism website,, has recently been given a new look. New features include a stronger link to social networks.

The site now displays more editorial content in the form of articles and videos. This new version of the site was designed for visitors and customers but also for the Principality’s tourism partners to support a joint effort.

The change of the DTC is not only virtual, since most of the services of the Directorate of Tourism has also moved to new premises at the Athos Palace, in Fontvieille at 2 rue de la Lüjerneta.

After 47 years spent in the legendary Monte-Carlo building, this is a new start for the teams that promote the Principality internationally. However, the tourists will not be left out, since the main reception facility for the public remain always at the same place, at 2A Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco.