New rules for yachts at anchor in Monaco

The regulations for boats mooring in Cabbé and Carnolès bays in Roquebrune, just east of the Principality, have changed, according to local French daily Monaco Matin.

From now on, large boats can no longer anchor up to the isobath of 30 metres for the area west of Cape Martin, and that of 20 metres, according to the undersea contour, for the eastern sector in order to protect posidonia, the Mediterranean sea grass.

Yacht at anchor

The measure conforms to a goal set by Natura 2000 – the European network that brings together natural and marine sites in need of preservation.

Until now, the rules have been no more than recommendations, but from September 1 they will have legal effect under both the environmental and criminal codes.

Earlier this week a yacht was boarded and the captain informed that his vessel was breaking the rules. It was the second time that the yacht had been in violation. The captain said that he knew the rules but that the owner asked him to anchor in that position because it was a better place to swim.