New robot for Monaco’s police service

Monaco’s Public Security Service is buying a new remote control robot from the ECA Group, the Iguana E Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). The same company had sold an earlier model, the Castor robot, to the Service in 2004. The company said the Iguana is part of the latest generation of UGVs.

The primary use of the Iguana is in dealing with suspected explosives. “Operational day and night, the Iguana E can be used in different environments, whether in town, in the countryside or indoors – airports, railway stations, underground, tunnels, airplanes, buses, and subways.

ECA robot

In addition, the mobile base and its modules have been designed to be very resistant, which allows the Iguana E to be operated by all climatic conditions – heat, cold, rain, snow, and fog – but also on any type of terrain – earth, sand, grass, concrete, asphalt, mud, and so on.

The company adds that the robot is an efficient tool in dealing with suspicious objects. It can be equipped with a portable X-ray system to determine the contents of packages or luggage. For explosive ordnance disposal missions, the robot destroys suspicious packages using disrupter water cannons.

On February 14, 2018, the ECA Group was awarded an over €10 million contract to supply 15 Iguana E Unmanned Ground Vehicles and support equipment to the French police.