New Monegasques honoured at reception

Photo: Mairie de Monaco
New Monegasque citizens. Photo: Mairie de Monaco

The Mayor and members of the Communal Council held a reception on Wednesday, January 31, at the Town Hall for people who acquired Monegasque nationality during the past year.

Twenty-eight new Monegasques out of the 41 people who acquired nationality in 2017, accompanied by their spouses, attended the ceremony given in their honour in the Salle de Mariage, in the presence of members of the Council of the Crown.

In his speech, the Mayor Marsan underlined the solemnity of the occasion: “Acquiring a nationality, and in this case Monegasque nationality, is not a mere administrative formality.” He added: “Becoming a Monegasque means adhering to our culture, our traditions and our many particularities, it is to adhere to a united community around our Sovereign and His Family, to whom we are all very attached.”

He invited guests to sing the Monegasque anthem alongside the Rainier Academy’s young children’s choir. Discussions then continued around a glass of friendship before each guest left with a souvenir – a reproduction of the original Monegasque Hymn, a handwritten document by Monegasque poet Louis Notari, who wrote the lyrics.


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