New apps make Monaco social payments easier to track

Photo: Direction de la Communication
Photo: Direction de la Communication

The Social Payments Office has announced new teleservices that have been developed in recent months and made available to its policyholders, including the application “C.S.M.” for tablets and smartphones.

The aim is to facilitate the lives of employees and employers with eighty-five percent of them now sending their salary declarations via teleservice at the end of 2016.

By downloading the application “C.S.M.”, a whole range of services is offered to the insured, the Office says: Access to his/her registration card; Provision of information needed by health professionals to transmit care sheets to the Payments Office; Installing the F.S.E. card on a smartphone. Spouses and children can also benefit from the same services during their medical appointments.

The Director of Social Payments in Monaco, Jean-Jacques Campana, also presented the functionalities offered to individuals and employers of household staff, including declaring wages, setting up and printing online wage bulletins and consulting statements of contributions. All these advances save time and increase productivity within the Social Payments Office.