National Council welcomes Montenegro

The end of July saw Stéphane Valeri welcoming a delegation from Montenegro and a visit from Monaco’s Fight Aids association.

Photo: Conseil National

Montenegrin Speaker of the Parliament, Ivan Brajovic, and his delegation were recently welcomed in Monaco by the President of the National Council, Stéphane Valeri. The two countries are both members of the Conference of Presidents of the Parliament of the Small States of Europe, and this visit was intended to strengthen ties in the run up to the next meeting in November in Cyprus. 

It was concluded that Mr Brajovic would support Monaco’s bid to host the event in 2021. Montenegro had been given the honour for 2020.

 The National Council also welcomed Monegasque organisation Fight Aidsto speak about their work and were wholly congratulated on their efforts and commitment. Fight Aids, an association founded by Princess Stephanie in 2004, helps those living with HIV in Monaco and abroad, as well as educating on prevention. Mr Valeri applauded the volunteers and confirmed, on behalf of the entire council, support for their endeavours.