MyMonacoStyle Weekend Report

Happy Monday to all you Premium Subscribers! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I laid low. With the Cannes Film Festival and Grand Prix fast approaching, I just can’t see the sense in expending a whole lot of energy or effort before the festivities begin. It would seem I’m not the only one in this mindset: the mood over the weekend in the Principality was very casual as people were less into putting on a grand show and more interested in just plain old living.

Sky-high Louboutins were swapped out for sneakers and button-ups replaced with t-shirts. Call it athleisure, call it lowkey luxury, but this weekend was Monaco’s answer to a “casual friday” at the office. Sometimes dressing down is the new dressing up, and it’s refreshing. These are my favourite leisure looks of the weekend.


Michaela Akesson

@michaela.ak Somewhere someone is still trying to argue that leggings are not pants and in 2018 that argument is null and void now that the athleisure industry is worth billions. Michaela furthers that point for me in a chic ensemble of black legging and a white t-shirt. To keep the outfit from looking too gymwear, she throws a cream blazer on top to dress it up. Accessorised with a gold classic Chanel bag and Gucci Ace sneakers, she gives the impression of a lady who lunges and a lady who lunches after. The key to the perfect athleisure look is to add in high end items to give it that refined look. Oh Michaela, I love your Game of Tones.

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