More progress needed to achieve “clean” maritime transport

Monaco is taking part in an international gathering in London which is focussed on increasing maritime safety and reducing pollution at sea.

Isabelle Rosabrunetto, Permanent Representative of Monaco to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and Armelle Roudaut-Lafon, Deputy Permanent Representative © DR

The permanent representatives of Monaco to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Isabelle Rosabrunetto and Armelle Roudaut-Lafon are participating in the 74th Session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee, which is being held from 13th to 17th May.

The Marine Environment Protection Committee is an International Maritime Organisation body whose mission is to define best practices in maritime transport in order to prevent pollution and preserve biodiversity in the seas and oceans. It is in charge of seeking consensus and arbitrating in the divergences existing between States and private companies, particularly with regard to standards for the emission of greenhouse gases from ships.

In line with its commitments to marine protection, representatives from Monaco travelled to London to take part in the meeting, which is organised at the headquarters of IMO, the UN agency specialising in maritime affairs.

Despite the establishment of numerous international conventions, particularly in the area of maritime transport safety and the prevention of pollution at sea, more progress is needed to achieve “clean” maritime transport.