MonacoTech hosts Monaco-Matin Eco Club

Photo: Jean-François Ottonello/Nice-Matin
Photo: Jean-François Ottonello/Nice-Matin

The Monaco-Matin Eco Club met on the morning of Friday, November 17, in the presence of Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy. The venue was MonacoTech, the state Incubator and Accelerator startups programme, inaugurated on November 8 by Prince Albert and Xavier Niel.

Jean Castellini opened the debate by recounting the birth of MonacoTech, closely linked to the creation of the Observatory of Industry in 2015. He also mentioned the Principality’s interest in welcoming young innovative companies and the enthusiasm that they may develop in growing their businesses in Monaco.

Representatives of three startups based in MonacoTech – Gangz, Laneva, and Novetech Surgery – as well as from various local entities and companies in the Principality and the neighbouring region spoke on the theme of the meeting: “What innovation from the Principality?”


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