MonacoTech: first applicants selected

MonacoTech, the Incubator and Accelerator of startups created by the Monegasque State, in partnership with Monaco Telecom and Xavier Niel, convened last month to consider applications, the Government confirmed on Thursday.

Out of 67 entries, five were shortlisted for assistance.

CIEL markets or leases airborne drones that can fly for several days, carrying a heavier load than traditional drones (up to 70 kg) and at a lower cost. The target markets for this equipment are surveillance, surveying, civil and public safety, communications, information and entertainment.

Hyve is a mobile event ticketing application that will permit users to buy, exchange and also sell tickets. The app that also organises your events from start to finish, integrating additional services, such as booking transportation, accommodation.

KeeSystem offers an innovative solution to simplify wealth management – independent asset manager, family offices and private banks – with a customised tool to manage all strategic activities and simplify the business of wealth management in an increasingly complex environment.

TerraioT consists of creating complete IoT solutions for the smart city – IoT for transport, parking, security, business intelligence.

YouStock is an app that allows you to order storage boxes of all sizes, store unused items and store them in secure storage for a specified period of time without moving from home.

For the second MonacoTech call for applications, which had a deadline of August 20, 105 files were submitted. A new jury will meet on September 18, 2017 to designate future projects.


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