Monaco’s NFL funds help diagnosis at Nice hospital

GastroscopeThanks to a donation of €31,359 from the Monegasque association Children & Future, Lenval Children’s Hospital in Nice has been able to acquire a gastroscope. This device is used to explore the interior of the oesophagus and the stomach through natural channels. This involves about 250 examinations per year at the hospital. The contribution from funds raised during the 2016 No Finish Line, which involved more than 13,000 participants who travelled a total of 392,516 kilometres. The €392,516 raised will be donated to finance projects for suffering and disadvantaged children.

This gastroscope is used by paediatric gastroenterologists for diagnostic and also therapeutic purposes. It makes it possible to carry out quality endoscopies thanks to the resolution of the very sharp imaging. The device also has an operational channel allowing the passage of biopsy forceps or other surgical devices.

Dr Stephanie Berthet said: “This gastroscope is suitable for newborns up to 7kg. The five gastropediatricians at Lenval use this procedure every week. It is therefore an indispensable device for the practice of our profession. It allows us to make a diagnosis by performing biopsies when exploring the upper digestive tract. In addition, it is very useful for certain therapeutic procedures. It is a very delicate device to handle which is sterilised between each use.”



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