Monaco’s mail to arrive later, with pickup earlier in the day


While the newly-renovated Monaco Herculis Post Office, located at 12 Chemin de la Turbie, will reopen on Wednesday, May 16, at 8 am, there is news that Monaco’s mail delivery service will be seriously impacted later this year when the sorting office at Nice Airport is moved to Toulon.

“Every morning, the trucks that bring the mail to Monaco will no longer leave Nice airport but Toulon, so they will have more road to travel and are likely to suffer traffic delays accessing the Principality,” La Poste Regional Director Jean-Luc Delcroix told local French daily Monaco-Matin.

The first mail truck to Monaco will arrive half an hour later than its current time of 6 am, while the second, which now arrives at 6:45 am, will come almost one hour later.

The distribution of mail will therefore begin an hour later, although packages and Chronopost will not be affected.

The first impact will be felt on June 11, when mail pickup times will change from 2 pm to 2:45 pm, with mail from Post Offices leaving at 3:45 pm instead of 4:30 pm.


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