Monaco’s Biennale de Sculpture returns in September

As summer winds up, the fresher days and cooler nights are a good reason to get out and enjoy Monaco’s outdoor events. The Biennale de Sculpture is one such event, and the sixth edition will be held this September on Rue Princess Caroline.


Created in 2009 by local artists Héléna Krajewicz and Rob Rowlands, the original exhibition was intended to surprise and stir the public by presenting art in places one would never expect. The concept and exhibit were a hit, and it has since become an annual tradition.

Themed differently every time, this year’s subject is The world walks on its head (Le monde marche sur la tête) and includes works by 14 artists and creators from the international stage bringing the concept to life.

Works on display will include sculptures made from a wide assortment of different visual mediums, from one dedicated to icebergs to another created entirely out of precious stones, bronze and resin.

The event will be held from 17th September to 26th October along the Rue Princess Caroline.