Monaco’s athletes win at Games of Small States

swimming-1900324_1280Monaco’s athletes have enjoyed considerable success at the Games of the Small States of Europe, which started on Monday, May 29, in San Marino.

On Tuesday, in swimming, Tiffany Pou won a gold the 200-metre butterfly event. It was only her second participation in the Games, which take place every two years. She said that she had been aiming for third place, “but during the race, I realised that I could do it”.

Florian Valeri and Gianni Bresciano won silver in Lyon boules, while cyclist Andrej Petrovski won bronze at the end of the sprint.

A total of nine nations take part in the Games of the Small States of Europe, which end on Saturday, June 3, and Monaco is by far the smallest. The other eight are Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta,, Montenegro, and San Marino.



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