Monaco Trade Unions hit the streets this Thursday

Interprofessional strike June 22, 2017. Photo: Facebook Union des Syndicats de Monaco
Interprofessional strike June 22, 2017. Photo: Facebook Union des Syndicats de Monaco

The Union of Monaco Trade Unions (USM) has announced a strike on June 22 with groups of protestors leaving from three assembly points and meeting at Place Saint Devote.

Members across a wide range of activities will take part, the Union stated.

“At a time when the authorities are working to improve the image of Monaco to display an attractive showcase in the eyes of potential investors, employees continue to suffer the effects of an ultra-liberal policy initiated since the 1980s,” the Union said.

Monaco recorded an increase of 5.9 percent of GDP per employee between 2014 and 2015, or €108,611 per worker, according to the Union, which commented: “Since employers and the government have remained deaf to the legitimate demands made during the demonstrations on June 16 and December 6, 2016, the Union of Trade Unions of Monaco again calls on all persons to act.”

USM claims that employers in the Principality have differentiated between employees, favouring some over others, “placing workers under the boss’s patronage, and trampling on their dignity”. The organisation also makes claims against working conditions that have “serious consequences for health and family life”. The Union goes as far as to say that there have been breaches of human rights in respect to trade union laws.

As USM’s General Secretary, Christophe Glasser, told Monaco Life last June, “Those taking to the streets are not anti-Monaco nor or anti-constitutional. Quite the contrary. It’s a question of dignity and social justice.”

This week’s interprofessional strike will bring together trade union officials, pensioners, and employees of the public and the private sector, with three groups leaving at 2 pm from Fontvieille, Place Saint Charles and the CHPG to gather at Place de Sainte Dévote for a speech. The Union claims there is strong support for the strike across many trades.

As with the 2016 strikes, traffic delays can be expected. For bus service, some CAM staff will be on strike between 1:30 pm and 5 pm, with minimum bus service to the hospital during this time. For a more complete bus schedule for Thursday, see CAM’s website.


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