Monaco to hold sale by tender of abandoned vehicles


Monaco’s State Property Authority is selling cars that have either been abandoned or which are no longer required as part of the Principality’s motor pool.

A full list of the vehicles is available in the State Property Authority office, located on the fourth floor of 24 rue du Gabian, from 9:30 am to 5 pm daily, with a deadline for submitting offers by noon on Friday, March 16.

In a note attached to the offer, the State Property Authority warns that successful bidders may not have an easy ride when trying to register vehicles in France: “Applicants’ attention is drawn to the difficulties they may encounter when registering their vehicle (s) abroad, particularly in France, especially since the French prefectures have modified the registration procedure.

“The Estate Administration will give the successful purchaser all the documents in its possession. The contractors expressly and irrevocably waive all remedies against the State of Monaco, amicable or judicial before any jurisdiction of the Principality or foreign and any claim for reimbursement and/or compensation in any capacity,” the Authority says.

Buyers looking for a forgotten Ferrari or lost Lamborghini will be disappointed. Most of the 83 vehicles being offered were registered before 2005 in France. With the exception of vehicles that do not have registration plates, their provenance has been checked by the Monaco authorities.

One stand-out on offer is a Harley Davidson motorbike, which is being offered with a minimum bid of €1,500.


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