Monaco Telecom meets tourist challenge

Photo: Roland Tanglao
Photo: Roland Tanglao

BillRun Technologies Ltd., a billing company based in Tel Aviv, specialising in open source and cloud solutions, has set up an advanced billing system for Monaco Telecom (MT). The financial scope of the project is in the order of several hundred thousand dollars.

The Principality welcomes more than 300,000 tourists per year, one-third of which are business tourists, i.e. those attending conferences and meetings. This demographic constraint is a challenge for MT, which chose BillRun to implement its new complete solution for billing and customer service, following the success of BillRun as part of the implementation of its billing system in Golan Telecom Tel Aviv.

Martin Péronnet, General Director of Monaco Telecom, says, “We are driving a profound transformation of our IT tools, moving from an inherited and complex system that was multi-operator and very expensive in CAPEX/OPEX with a simple, fully open-source system.”

Mr Pérronet, who was Marketing Director at ‪Bouygues Telecom before joining MT in 2009, adds, “This is probably one of the very first times in the world an incumbent operator offering a complete solution for B2B and B2C telecommunication services for mobile, fixed, TV, voice, data and hosting has accomplished such a transformation. Our goal over time is to control all the developments internally to reduce our IT costs by 75 percent, and provide an effective, simple and flexible system to our customers.”

BillRun was chosen as a Monaco Telecom partner because “BillRun represents one of the best open-source billing systems, and we have achieved all B2C in a year and a half”.

Ofer Cohen, CEO of BillRun, says, “This is the first project carried out by Israel and this has involved a reassessment and full integration of the central system and ancillary systems MT BillRun.”

The first phase involved implementing the BillRun billing systems and CRM at MT for VoIP (Internet telephony) and broadband while the second phase implemented these applications in the mobile environment and VoD (Video on Demand), Mr Cohen goes on to explain: “The development was conducted in collaboration with IT and development teams at MT. BillRun team managed the migration of the obsolete proprietary system of the company to an open-source architecture, including training and knowledge transfer. This highly complex project of involved close collaboration between several teams of both companies, and the system has been fully operational since May 2015, to great customer satisfaction.”

“By using an open-source system,” explains Cohen, “it means that MT is no longer tied to a particular supplier. Further to our success with MT, we intend to develop BillRun’s international activities.”