Monaco Telecom and Huawei connect on Smart City in Monaco

Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC
Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC

A delegation from Huawei, Monaco Telecom’s partner, led by Vincent Pang, CEO Europe, visited the Principality on Monday, March 12, to work on future collaborations, particularly in the context of Smart City development.

The Monegasque operator and the provider of digital solutions in terminals, networks and cloud, for operators, businesses and consumers, have been working together since 2013.

Thanks to this long-standing partnership, Monaco Telecom has developed the 4G mobile network enabling the opening in Monaco, in April 2017, of the world’s first mobile network offering up to 1 Gb/s.

Developments to improve coverage in the Principality made it possible in January of this year to place Monaco Telecom at the top of the rankings of 290 global operators according to 4GMARK – an ultra-precise measurement tool that offers a complete benchmark of quality of service connection on smartphones.


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