Monaco students mount permanent exhibition on ocean protection

Photo: DC
Photo: DC

In order to demonstrate the beauty of an exchange programme in Florida, students of Lycée Albert 1er’s First International Option (FIO) have mounted a permanent photo exhibition for their comrades, with a view to raising awareness of the protection of the oceans.

The group of FIO students had the chance to participate in an exchange programme with the Canterbury School of Florida, which they visited in November.

Accompanied by their teachers Mrs Biancheri and Mrs Riley, the students were warmly welcomed by their American counterparts, who spent time in Monaco in November 2015.

This exchange, under the aegis of the Directorate of National Education, Youth and Sports, is part of the Blue Ocean Short Film Festival, in which the students of the Principality participated as members of different juries.

During this visit, the students were able to take part in a scientific and cultural project dedicated to the fauna and flora in the Mediterranean and ocean environments, as well as to its degradation due to pollution and the actions of man.

In addition to immersion in the American school system, students of the Principality were involved in an intense programme of activities: kayak exploration, swimming with manatees, and visits to the Dali Museum and Bush Gardens.

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