Monaco slow to pick up Sunday trading

Since legislation passed in early July, Monaco’s retailers have had the option to open their doors most Sundays. So why are many choosing not to?

Up until July, Monaco’s shops were required to close on Sundays, except for roughly 15 special occasions per year. It was a throwback to another time, a time when Sunday meant families went to church together followed by a Sunday outing. A time when internet shopping didn’t exist.

As we no longer live in those times, it seemed time for a reboot. In an attempt to invigorate the local economy and make Monaco a Sunday destination for shopaholics, the National Council proposed a law back in October which would allow shop owners to open on the seventh day about 30 times a year. 

Despite the new law, many of Monaco’s shops have decided to keep their doors closed. Monaco’s trade unions have lamented this fact saying it was “a shame” to have pushed this law through so quickly only to see so few businesses take advantage of it.

 The government is quick to point out that the openings are strictly voluntary but want to remind people the option is there. To that end, they have published a pamphlet showing both employer and employees the guidelines of the law, so everyone is clear on their rights and obligations.